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In 1976 my wife and I began publishing a weekly newspaper in Central Washington state. It kept us busy, and hungry, for three years. It also led me to believe that perhaps I could write a little bit, something that my high school English teachers had assured me that I could not. Anyway, in "Some Stories I've Told" you will find a few of my latest efforts.

Photography has always been one of my favorite past-times. I've even made a partial living at it over the years photographing weddings and other events. Mostly though it's just been something I enjoy doing.

Early in high school I started out using an ARGUS C-3, which gave me some really nice photos, considering it's simplicity and my inexperience. From there I moved on to a Konica Autoreflex-T from which I still have thousands of negatives and slides taken in the 1960's and 70's. That was a great camera, but I finally wore it out and replaced it with two different Nikon's, both of which were stolen from my house in different incidents after I moved to Alaska in 1986.

After the latest theft I purchased a Nikon N-70, which I still have, and which has served me faithfully through many weddings and on many hikes in the Alaskan wilderness.

Another faithful friend has been my MAMIYA UNIVERSAL medium format camera. It has been with me for over 30 years. Luckily it was overlooked both times my house was broken into.

Since the summer of 1999 I have been shifting toward digital in my efforts at photography. In that year my brother purchased for me a Sony DSC D770. Although it is only 1.4 megapixels the Sony is a great camera with several features that I wish I could find on today's line-up of digital cameras. It, too, has served me well and I will always keep it nearby.

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