Yakima Jeeps
Photograph Of Jeeps in Mud Race Near Yakima, Washington
In 1968 I sold my burgundy colored 1962 Chevrolet Impala 2-door hardtop. For the life of me I can't remember now why I'd want to do such a thing! That car was really nice. It had a high-performance 327 cubic inch engine, a 4-speed transmission with baby moons and beauty rings on the wheels. I dearly wish I still had it nowadays.

Anyway, my next vehicle was a beat up 1954 CJ3b Jeep, (the classic High Hood) with a blown-up four cylinder engine and splotchy green paint. The upholstery had been ripped out, there was no top and the original tires were bald. It certainly wasn't much to look at.

Through the following months I installed a Chevrolet 283 cubic inch engine in it, along with new tires & wheels, an overdrive transmission, locking hubs, new seats and top, and a whole bunch of other goodies that ended up costing me a small fortune. I know it sounds crazy, but since then I've always liked Jeeps, especially the old ones.

When I was publishing my weekly newspaper in the Yakima Valley in the 1970's I would always be invited to cover Mud Racing and Drag Racing events hosted by local Jeep Clubs with names like Ridge Runners, Jeep Jockeys, Tuff n Nuff and many more. I took hundreds of photos at these events and a few of them were published in my newspaper. The majority of them, however, have been stored away as black & white negatives since those days, never seen by anyone else besides me. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to share a few of them with whomever would be interested. The pictures are in no special order, they have no captions, and I've not tried to identify anyone although I do recognize some of the people pictured here.

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