The Nelchina Caribou Herd


A patient told Becky yesterday that they saw 10.000 caribou in the hills near Eureka over the previous weekend. Eureka is located on the Glenn Highway about 90 miles north of Palmer, Alaska. Every year great bands of the Nelchina Caribou herd pass through the Eureka Hills on their way to summer feeding grounds. It is really quite an awesome spectacle if you happen along in the midst of it.

Yesterday my son Jay and his friend Chad rode an ATV on a trail near Eureka and last night he posted some of the pictures that he’d taken onto his Face Book page.

Now I’m really tempted to load up my four-wheeler and head up there for a day or two. I’d like to watch the caribou and take some pictures myself.

I’d also like to thank my son for letting me use some of his pictures here today.


A healthy young bull Caribou, antlers still in velvet, trots through the brush.


Jay’s friend Chad watches as a Caribou passes near him.


Gathered at a small river, this band of Caribou pause for only a moment or two  to take a drink of the cool water.


Two Caribou head over a rise…and into some beautiful country.


This picture really makes me want to go to Eureka…now!    What a beautiful mountaintop vista.


My trailer is finally ready to use again

After several days work…and more than a little sweat under this hot Alaska sun…plus some shed blood…I finally have my trailer ready to go. A bright new deck replacing the old, ugly rotten one that was on it, grease where there should be grease, and lights that do what they’re supposed to do…when they’re supposed to do it. Why shoot, it’s even got one of them yellow Alaska License plates now, a legal one and every thing.

Now I can haul my 4-wheeler if I want. Yay!

It’s still ugly though.


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