Watching My Grandchildren Enjoy Life.

I was home alone this weekend because Becky was out of town for a couple of days. After I’d switched the studded tires on her PT Cruiser to normal summer tires, and cleaned up all of the shingles lying around from last winter’s winds, I was pretty much out of stuff to do. Well, I guess there were other things I could have done but none of them sounded like that much fun to me at the time. Anyway I spent most of the rest of my time in the studio working on a new web page I’m designing.

But by Sunday morning I was getting pretty bored with myself & looking for something else to do. I remembered I hadn’t seen my grandchildren for quite a while so after checking with Jenny to make sure they were home I drove out to their house. The quietness of my existence was beginning to get to me.

But it definitely wasn’t quiet at the Troseth’s. The sky was blue, temperatures mild (sort of) and there were kids everywhere outside enjoying the day. And they weren’t all my grand kid’s either. Dakota had several friends over and they were all wearing helmets, sitting astride buzzing motorcycles, ready to head out into the forest to a spot where they like to go to.
Not to be outdone the two younger boys, Dalton and Brylan, also had their bikes out, the non-motorized kind, and were happily riding them through a big mud puddle in the driveway. Brittany was right in there, also. She was dressed in peddle pushers, in celebration of the spring weather I guess, but she also had mud boots on her feet and spent much of her time throwing sticks in another large puddle, this one in the front yard, so their dog Rusty would chase them. Rusty loves water.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, Jenny was walking around with Destiny in her arms, trying to keep all this excitement under control and Randy was in the back building a new shed.

Well, all this was almost overwhelming to me. I couldn’t keep track of everything what with the motorcycle motors revving up, kids running up to say Hi, and Rusty jumping up on me, licking my face and leaving muddy paw prints on my jacket. It was nearly chaos compared to my quiet existence.

But it was fun, too. And I liked it. I liked seeing my grand kids having this kind of a childhood. I liked the fact that Dakota has good friends, and that they feel welcome at Randy & Jenny’s house. I liked hearing laughter & seeing sparkling mischievous eyes flashing in the bright sunlight. I liked the sound of Jenny voice as she presided over everything, or tried to. And I liked the sound of the cut-off saw and the smell of fresh cut lumber coming from Randy’s direction.

And, most especially, I liked the fact that absolutely no one was inside the house, glued to a computer monitor or a television set.

Going out there was a good thing for me to do on a Sunday morning. I came back home feeling very thankful that my daughters family had such a wholesome and rich lifestyle.

And I liked that, too.

Dakota and his friends ready to ride to one of their favorite spots in the woods nearby. Dakota is on the right. In the background are Jenny, carrying Destiny, and Brittany on a bicycle. Randy is working on a new shed he is building.

Dalton gives a nice pose in the middle of a large mud puddle in their driveway.

Brylan, too, couldn't resist riding his machine through the water. He stopped just long enough for Grqandpa to take his picture.

Rusty just couldn't resist the water, either. He had fun chasing sticks and other things that Brittany would throw into this puddle, which covers a major portion of the front yard.

Thanks for reading Alaska At Sunrise, everyone. Thank goodness Spring is on the way!

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